Friday, October 7, 2011


Previously I had posted an entry on CD friendly diaper rash cream. The creams were not cheap mind you. One being all natural and the other of course CD friendly. I had tried both and both were equally good. Between the 2, I liked Buds better. Better packaging, better look, better scent. Performance wise, I don't think there's much difference.

During the episode when Izz got a diarrhea, then a blister in the groin area... Izz was using calamine lotion for about 2 weeks until the blister was totally healed. After that we went back to Buds. Unfortunately even without the diarrhea, Izz's groin area looked red and sensitive whenever he pooped. Bibik was saying, "kalau skali dh kena, next round mmg senang kena balik". I absolutely agree with her and it looks like Buds can no longer provide the level of protection needed. Then my mom asked, "knape x try guna cream yg guna utk leher Izz dulu?". The story behind that: when Izz was a lot younger, he had this skin issue on his left neck. Just a small area there, which was peeling and the wound was always wet (if we waited any longer with no action, it would have bled as the skin got thinner and thinner). We went to a pediatrician and his creams didn't work. It got worse actually. So then we decided to go back to ask for another topical cream as the current one's not working. Fortunately, the clinic was closed. So we decided to go to a pharmacy. The pharmacist there recommended Bepanthen. It worked like magic. In 1 day, all was ok. That's why I am GLAD the clinic was closed that day.

So when my mom suggested Bepanthen for Izz's groin area, I was a bit skeptical. A lot skeptical in fact. I know that it is a diaper rash cream but we had only tried it on Izz's neck before. That was a minor thing. And Bepanthen was cheaper compared to Buds. I doubt anything cheaper is better than the expensive one. Apparently... I was WRONG. Bepanthen is the BEST diaper cream we've used for Izz... so far.

Then I was worried about it not being suitable with CD. Bepanthen is so thick and oily. I repeat... thick and oily!! A potential threat to Izz's CD stash. So initially every time I put Bepanthen on Izz, I would use the flushable diaper liner. Now that the liner is running out (and always someplace else when I want to use it), I tried using Bepanthen without the liner, crossing my fingers hoping Bepanthen won't ruin the CD. Alhamdulillah it doesn't. They go well together. ~I have told Bibik she can stop using the liner now that we know for a fact that Bepanthen is ok for CD, but she said she likes the liner, as it makes it easier for her to remove poo from CDs. Sabar aje la!~

Another marvelous thing about Bepanthen is the fact that it's also... natural? It can be used by nursing mothers and doesn't have to be wiped off the nipple prior to breastfeeding. So basically it's safe to be consumed. Izz has a habit of touching his groin area where we put Bepanthen (or any diaper cream). Now, we need not worry about having to wipe his hands clean after each diaper change.

we have it in 2 sizes. the small one (30gm) for travelling, the bigger one (100gm) for at home. small one was RM9, I think, and the bigger one is about RM28. way cheaper than Buds, retailing at RM39.90 for 50ml. [1ml=1gm]

see there, not necessary to wipe or clean the oitnment off the nipples prior to breastfeeding. i like!

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