Monday, February 10, 2014

1st Anniversary celebration - Avillion Port Dickson

Our 1st anniversary was on 2nd Feb, and it coincided with CNY. Every CNY mmg kitorg jln raya so that's why we postponed our plan. Bukan la nk kata wajib pegi jln raya, tp satu nye sbb dh janji dgn Izz nk bwk dia tgk lion dance, dgn mercun. Lg 1 sbb room rate hotel mahal kalau time public holiday. Hehe. So kitorg postpone to the following week.

Last Saturday was the day so we started the day quite early. Pegi bfast, then ke workshop tambah gas aircond kereta, then ke carwash. Balik rumah kemas2 sikit, packing then terus gerak ke PD. Otw stop by kejap kat kedai cat kereta (ni cerita lain, insyaAllah) and also for lunch at McD. Smpi hotel around 4pm. Jalan jem sikit sbb ada accident. A minor one, tp as we all know, Malaysian like to slow down their cars and watch the drama. Hence the jam.

Check in was super fast. Dpt bilik terus masuk and relax. Since dh lewat ptg, we didn't do much, just lepak2, borak2 etc. Kluar semula lps Maghrib for dinner. Yg kelakar nye... puas carik tmpt mkn, last2 when we finally agreed nk mkn kat 1 tmpt ni... menu dia 1 je. Nasi kukus & ayam panggang. That's all yg ada. Air pulak tembikai or epal. Sbb dh lapar & malas nk carik lg, order jugak la 2 nasi kukus & ayam panggang. I took air tembikai, Zul epal. Apa la punye LAME tmpt mkn ni. Seriously LAME. Dh la semua pinggan, cawan, cutlery yg pakai buang. Mmg x environment friendly langsung. Food was ok. Bole la mkn. Sedap tu xde la. Kalau rate, 1.5/5 je. Next time mmg x singgah dh. After that we decided to stop by kat pasar malam PD. For the first time I actually round the whole pasar malam. Tgk semua kedai. Slalu x rajin. Since dh kluar dating, layan je. We bought more food, and I enjoyed dessert. Dpt kacang rebus, putu mayam, air kelapa. Best! (Patut la berat makin naik and naik!)

The next day we started with bfast. Normally I would just have bfast kat hotel. Tp sbb hotel mahal, I decided to have the room excluding bfast. Lgpun bila google, reviewer ckp the bfast buffet line is not so good. Tgk hari tu mcm ok je. Tp xtau la kan, skali lalu je. We went out to the pasar malam area to have bfast. It was good. I had 2 keping roti canai, Melayu buat. Sedap. After that balik semula ke hotel and jalan2 kat area hotel. It is a very nice, family oriented hotel. Kalau izz ada sure enjoy (ada pet farm, kids cabin). To me, the hotel area itself is very beautiful. You can do so many things there. x payah nk kluar mana2. You can do it in the vicinity.

We checked out at 12pm. Sbb semua org pun nk checkout, agak lambat sikit sbb ramai org. Once you are in front of the counter, it was quite fast. All in all, it's a good hotel. Highly recommended kalau ada extra $$. I paid RM500++ per night so it is definitely in the EXPENSIVE category. Setahun skali bole la.

The only thing yg x best was parking. Ada ke parking lot seberang jalan. Menyabung nyawa every time nk lintas. Parking lot yg ada on the same side x byk, and x berturap. Surface berbatu-batu. x mcm 5 bintang Zul ckp. I told him it was a 5 star hotel, based on la. That's where I did my booking.

Rating: 4/5

Some pics of us at the hotel HERE.

We went to KL after checkout, sbb I wanted to go to Low Yat, carik USB cable utk powerbank. Cable yg come with the powerbank dh rosak. Izz himpit masa tido smpi tercabut tmpt nk cucuk tu. I know that I only paid RM8 masa beli a similar USB cable dulu. So I expect harga lebih kurang mcm tu jugak. Cuba carik kat Sunway Pyramid, yg diorg jual hanya la cable yg mcm kueteow tu je. Leper tp lebar. Harga RM35 paling murah. That's just plain robbery!! Tu yg nk jugak pegi Low Yat. I prefer a normal cable and it doesn't have to be expensive. It'll be fine as long as it works. True enough, I found a normal cable that costs RM8. Beli 2 just to be safe and also bought 1 kueteow cable for RM12. xde la smpi RM35 kan. Smpi rumah, test semua cable... and the kueteow cable cannot be used for my phone. x rosak sbb I tested kat phone Zul ok je. So kueteow cable mmg not for me. I prefer the mee cable. Heheh

I enjoyed the weekend very much :)

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