Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One month of MC

Al-kisah... x pernah2 MC lama mcm ni.

My last 2 posts was about my sinus problem. It started middle of Aug, was quite bad, terus warded but I was not responding to medication hence the last option... surgery. Surgery was done a week after the diagnosis. Yes, it was quite bad. I couldn't wait much longer sbb sakit.

Surgery itself x teruk. It was done on 25th Aug and I was discharged on 26th Aug. 1 mlm je kat hosp. Yg x selesa kena bernafas melalui mulut pun slightly more than 24 hours je. However, the post op care was the difficult part. A week after surgery x bole angkat benda2 berat, x bole bongkok2, solat kena duduk, mkn x bole pedas2, minum x bole panas2, patut nye kena soft diet but I just couldn't take it so that lasted only for 3 days. Hidung pulak asyik tersumbat sebelah. Nasib sebelah, kalau dua2 belah lg teruk.

Then 2nd week things look a lot better tp kejap je rupe nye. I started having terrible headaches, on and off... and solat masih kena duduk, blm bole sujud. Then muka pulak sakit. Darah beku dalam hidung pun dh start berbau so I always smell the stink. I described the smell as the stink of wet laundry, but doctor described it as bau ikan kering. Both are equally terrible if you ask me. During follow-up appointment with the ENT, kata nye phlegm dh penuh kat area sinus so that's why I keep getting headache, pain on my face. Of course kena sedut the phlegm during that visit. It was not comfortable at all, but I am glad it was done. After a few days the headache was gone.

Then 3rd week things got a lot better... but suddenly I got an even worse headache dr sblm2 ni. Apa2 pun I am thankful that it lasted only for 2 days. Miserable 2 days. Alhamdulillah it never came back... Earlier today was my appointment with the ENT again. Since I am no longer in any sort of pain, I am cleared for work. He did say if suddenly the pain comes back, I can just go and see him. My next appointment with him is in 2 weeks. He just wanted to make sure the healing goes ok. As of now, I am still healing. A check inside my nostrils td confirms there is still some nasal crusting and phlegm but since there isn't any pain, he wants the healing to go on naturally.

I hope no more pain and discomfort after this. Penat dh MC. Seriously!

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