Friday, October 3, 2014

Manusia mcm2 ragam

Kadang2 it's fascinating kalau tgk ragam manusia. Maybe logically thinking would have a person act a certain way kalau berdepan dgn situasi tertentu, but kadang2 tindakan tu lain mcm disbbkan emosi. Cth nye kalau rumah terbakar. Of course you would run away from the house. But what if anak you tertinggal dlm tu. Emosi defeats all common sense and makes you run into the house instead of away from the house. Sbb you syg anak. Unless kalau you syg diri sendiri lebih dari syg anak, then you would do what logic tells you to do. Right?

Disbbkan emosi jugak la kadang2 we act the way that we do. Mungkin pada org lain small matter tp pada kite huge matter. Parents and children bole gaduh, boyfriends and girlfriends bole breakup, marriages and families can fall apart. Relationship can break because of each person rasa hanya pendapat and emosi dia je penting. Other people don't matter. It's either his/her way or the highway. They key to this whole problem: compromise.

This is no rocket science. When you really care about someone, just think. Is it really that important to always have things your way... or can you actually compromise? If there's no compromise, it simply means you don't really care about that person. Easy as that. Move on. But if you really care, then you know what to do. It may not be easy, but you do it anyway because you care. If things were easy, everybody in world would have no problem. And we won't need as many psychiatrist around.

Disbbkan emosi jugak kadang2 people can be so unpredictable. For example single women, diorg sepatut nye x kacau suami org. That's a big NO. Kena ada boundary pergaulan dgn suami org. Contoh kalau keje 1 office. Kena faham diorg ada pasangan and jaga hati pasangan tu jugak. Jgn ingat mentang2 pasangan tu xde dgn suami dia kat office, you bole flirt around dgn suami dia bila dia xde. Mmg xde etika kalau mcm tu. Tp x dpt dinafikan mmg ada je segelintir perempuan yg x kisah suami org ke x, semua dia nk test market. Last2 bila dh tersangkut dgn suami org, dh tersayang, payah la nk let go. Sepatut nye sblm test market dgn suami org tu dh pikir baik buruk tindakan tu. Cuba la pikir perasaan isteri org tu, kalau ada anak2 lagi. X kesian ke kat diorg? Oh well, for this kind of cases, I sincerely hope karma will bite them back hard. Berani buat kat org, jgn hairan la kalau terkena kat batang hidung sendiri satu hari nnt.

So bottomline... don't make decision dgn emosi. Allah bg akal, fikir. Don't be selfish, compromise.

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  1. anis::
    this is soooo right..esp that particular details kat para 4 tu..single at work doesnt mean that you boleh flirt with him..he's still a married man..kdg2 xfaham dgn org2 yg cetek akal macam ni..macam "alah, bukan serius pun..just buat teman kt ofis" like WTH..
    go get your own husband, then you'll know the feeling..

    eh, ter emo pulak..lama xbaca blog a bit -- rindu...take care