Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dulu ber3 skarang ber4

It has been so long since I last blogged. Skarang pun xde masa actually so this will be a really short one. My baby boy, Zarif Aqil, was born on 6th Apr 2015. He's almost 3 months now.

Today I decided to change the blog header to include Zarif. That's probably our first decent family photo. Sblm ni mesti x cukup org la, x cukup cantik la, etc. It was taken during Azri's wedding, by none other that the bride herself before the ceremony starts.

That is also our baju raya. Azri got married just before puasa, so we decided to buy our baju raya early and wear it during Azri's wedding. x payah beli byk baju kurung/melayu in the same year. Heheh. So our gambar raya will have us donning the same outfit.

Gambar raya pun dh ambik dh actually. Sejak ramai dh kawin ni, setiap tahun pasti ada je couple yg missing dlm gambar raya. Selalu nye ambik 1st raya so ada yg balik kampung mertua. So I came up with a brilliant and ingenious idea to have the gambar raya taken before raya itself so that everyone is in the photo (I was also the one who selected orange as this raya theme color). So last week we got ready mcm btul2 raya and went to a studio in Kajang to have our gambar raya taken. Yes, it was a bit weird tp I think this arrangement is a lot better vs ambik gambar 1st raya nnt. Ambik awal x payah tunggu2 (xde org lain nk ambik gambar raya time puasa) and with the babies around, mmg lg selesa mcm ni. The only shitty part is that the stupid studio x bg soft copy. Nk beli pun x bg. Mcm hampeh. Lain kali mmg kena carik studio lain, or simply ambik gambar on Saturday at our normal favourite studio. Last week we went on Sunday sbb ada org tu not available, she got her class on Saturday. Heheh.

That's all for now. Nk solat and ambik anak2. Until next time.... xoxo

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