Saturday, October 23, 2010

A LOT has changed

Well, first of all... yay for me!! It's not yet 10 years and I am already updating my blog again (yes, I know I'm pathetic with this). Anyway, if nobody ever reads this, it'll serve like a diary to me at least. I noticed my last post was on 15th April 2009. If I ever had a diary, I'm sure it's gone missing by now. So this whole thing is kinda cool. To keep track of things.

Anyway, like the title... a LOT has changed, indeed. I've changed jobs... twice I tell u. I quit the old job, was unemployed for 2 months, got another job which I stayed on for only 4 months - due to no life factor, and also because I got another job offer which I took without any hesitation and that's where I am still at. I'm pretty happy with the job and hopefully I won't have to change job again. I'm at a huge MNC and I can pretty much retire here. I can rotate jobs, and even then I don't think I can cover all job scope available in the company, which is good as it provides choices and opportunities. Of course it'll take time to climb the corporate ladder, but hey... I'm not a really corporate person. I can do the same job as long as I'm happy.

As for my personal life... that has changed too. Big time!!! After about 2 months in my latest company, I got pregnant! Haha. I told you I was happy with the job. No stress (at the time) which I think helped the process. We tried to get pregnant 6 months earlier, but was unsuccessful as I was in a very stressful job at the time (the 4 month job). Anyway, now I'm actually in my 6th month pregnancy. I've already gained 10kgs and look kinda fat. My butt especially, is huge. And I increased 2 sizes in the chest area. I'm praying I can get back to my normal size once I deliver, as I can no longer fit into my pre-pregnancy clothing. I really don't want to be changing my wardrobe!

Other notable things happening with me these days:
1. I just re-painted my car. Just realized that it has been a month since I took it back, which means I can already send it for normal car wash, and then have it waxed/sealed.
2. I have been surfing the net (a LOT!) to survey on baby stuffs - have bought baby stroller, car seat/carrier and baby cot from online shops!
3. Discovered the world of cloth diaper. That also has lead to the discovery of cloth pad, and I'm actually in the midst of sewing some cloth pantyliners for my own usage. They are quite expensive to buy (compared to the disposable) and since I saw some DIY pages, and they looked fairly easy, I decided to make/sew some. Quite an interesting project.

OK then, I think that's all for today. It's Saturday and I don't really have any plans for the day. I feel like cleaning up the house as I haven't done that for 2 weeks and the house is kinda messy already. And later maybe go to a car wash. And yes, have a weeding to go to tonight.

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