Friday, June 24, 2011

Today is Friday and it's a good day :)

Well, first of all... almost every Friday is a good day... Why? because the next day is be Saturday. everybody loves Saturday. No need to go to work. The following day is Sunday, still no need to work. I guess everyone likes Saturday better than Sunday... except for people living in the east coast (and some other Islamic countries i might add), as their weekend falls on Friday and Saturday :)

So... yes, I'm kinda happy today. Yup, there's still that 'kinda' happy and not absolutely happy. several reasons actually

1. yesterday i found out that my car is already OK.
yay!!! i'm sooo happy about this. i'm not a car lover, but without the car, it's has been so inconvenient. i'm used to have my own car since my uni days, and without it... just doesn't feel right. and logic tells you when you pay for something, of course you wanna use it. not for it to be in the workshop... and you continue paying the installments without getting any benefit. now that the car is OK, i'm happy about that.

2. the insurance claim for my beloved lynx is almost settled.
on June 10th, the insurance co said that the cheque for my claim is being prepared. yesterday i called the bank and they still haven't received the cheque. WTH!!!!!!!! it has been almost 2 weeks. what's taking so long for the insurance co to prepare the cheque and send it to the bank?? i know our postal services are quite lame sometimes, but 2 weeks? come on! so i contacted the insurance co again yesterday and they assured me that the bank will get the cheque by monday. they better make sure the cheque gets there, or they are really gonna get some from me. i've got some pretty nice words in my vocab for these kind of occasions. so this is why i'm kinda happy, not really happy. once this is really settled... i will be absolutely happy. [i found that INSURANCE CO ARE REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY SLOW WHEN IT COMES TO PAYING CLIENTS]

3. my vios already got a traffic summon for speeding
this is something i'm NOT HAPPY about... but hey, it happens. paid it already and that's that.

4. saleh's collarbone is doing great
i'm sooo relieved it's ok. he has a few more months go to before it heals completely. the doc says 6 months... but i don't care. he's gonna rest from all sport activities for a year. yes, a year. not even 1 day less than a year. he must know that i do this because i care about him. not to punish him.

5. i get to have lunch with my mother and sisters on Fridays
it's so nice to be able to do this every week

6. i can spend time with izz the whole day tomorrow and sunday
seeing my boy growing well brings me joy. i really can't describe the feeling. i guess you only know it when u r a mother... or a grandmother. yesterday my mom said she just read my earlier post entitled "the 10 things I hate most"... and when she read about how i hated not being able to spend time with izz as much as i would like to sometimes, she said she hoped she has helped during those situation. OF COURSE MAK. without u, i don't think i could have raised izz as healthily as he is now. hehe. i know it has been only 5++ months, but that 5++ months is the most crucial time for any babies. when saleh were admitted into the hosp, you were the one taking care of izz. when i was busy with work, u took care of izz. when i was so tired and wanted to take a nap, u took care of izz and even let me continue sleeping. and when whatever happened that didn't allow me to personally take care of izz, you did it. i'm so GRATEFUL and you must know that i really really love you. i feel like crying now *sob sob*. really mak... anis sayang sgt kat mak. i hope you'll read this :)

ok, i have to stop here now. it's almost lunch time. i want to go to alamanda and meet my mom and sisters for lunch. till next time.

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