Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cloth diapering tips - Front leaks

Lately Izz has been experiencing this problem. Whenever he sleeps on his tummy, most of the time the CD will leak. It hasn't happened before with BumGenius but it happened last night. However, for last night at least, I'm glad the CD leaked and we had to change him at 2am. I was thinking just to change his CD and PJs quickly and put him back to bed... but when I opened his diaper... there was POOP! Had to wake Saleh up to help with cleaning him. Quickly change him and put him back to bed. Fell back asleep immediately. Phew! Don't know when he pooped. Luckily his bum was OK, as I was using Dr. Smith's.

Yesterday I tweeted and asked if Dr. Smith's if CD friendly and I was told yes, but I must wash my CDs with HOT water. Ok, that's not gonna happen because I don't have hot water for my washing machine. So last night I used Grovia BioLiner with Dr. Smith's. Unfortunately the cream went through the liner. Shit! Now I have to strip my BumGenius. Apparently the liner's not thick enough. Probably have to get the washable/reusable fleece liner. Not sure if this is the reason the diaper leaked in the first place. Hmmmm...

So about the front leak... which has happened before countless times with Moo Moo Kow (the fitting is just weird!), I googled about it and this is what I get:

1. Try doubling with hemp or bamboo - I don't think it's insert issue with Izz because the MF inserts weren't soaking wet last night when the CD leaked

2. tucking his peepee down and insuring its in the middle - have been doing this all the while

3. when you stuff the diaper leave about a 1 inch gap from the insert to the top of the diaper -  this I can definitely try. I have been stuffing the bulk at the front to ensure maximum absorption but this may cause the fronk leak. Maybe just too much bulk at the front??

Oh yes, I have read various ways to strip CDs and the easiest way (and it seem to work for me - I have no more smelly diapers) is just to hand scrub the inner of the CD with dishwahsing liquid. I use either my hands (to scrub the inner gently against each other) or a soft brush to scrub the inner. Do that a few minutes or until you can no longer see any residue on the inner. Then I do 2 rinse and spin cycles. That's it!

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  1. anis::
    nice tip for stripping the CDs..will definitely try it~!!