Sunday, April 22, 2012

Began CDing Izz consistently again :)

I'm happy to report that I started CDing Izz as often as possible again. I like not having to throw out diapers with poop. Kalau kencing je not too bad. Ntah la, the thought of buang diapers dgn taik mcm jijik gile. Mmg la kite buang then kite x tgk dh benda tu, tp definitely it'll end up at some dump site. I don't know what Malaysia's dump sites look like but if it's anything like the dump sites I watched in TV, those area slalu ada scavengers. They will be scavenging for plastics, other recyclable items, and valuables. Bayangkan masa diorg tgh carik2 tu, tiba2 come across diapers yg penuh taik. That is so gross! Tp I guess the stench of the area doesn't make any difference. But still, tgk pun dh cukup geli! Yuck!

Sbb tu saya prefer utk CDkan Izz. At least I contribute something to the earth. xde memenuhkan lg area dump site yg sememangnye dh penuh. Hari ni hari terakhir Earth Week 2012. Pasti ramai yg x sedar pun. I guess it's no one's fault... mmg x byk coverage on Earth Week... ke saya je x tgk TV. Hahahah. Anyway, semoga every week is Earth Week :)

Izz in his daytime dipe... Capri cover size 2 and a stay dry insert. Kalau hari panas, itu je la pakaian nye.

Ni after pakai baju and main iphone papa.

The cutest Capri cover but this is in snaps. I prefer aplix than snaps.

Izz with his new play house/tent?


  1. ceh terasa kot part first 2 para tuh. tp still tak mo CD. :p

  2. ala, ko ada 2 anak kecik. aku paham kalo ko xmo CDkan anak. time izz CB ke, aku pun pakaikan dia disposables. tgk timing jugak la. ikut mana senang. kebetulan time2 biasa aku suka CDkan dia, so aku teruskan.

    poyo je nk terasa. aku xde terasa pun dgn org yg full time CDkan anak. aku ni kan part-time je. itu pun aku rasa most of the time x berCD. hehe

  3. cantik la capris tu..rasa mcm nak beli utk naufal jugak nanti ^_^

  4. yes, capris mmg cantik plus sgt sturdy kalau nk compare dgn thirsties duo wrap. bkn la nk kata thirsties x best, tp rasa2 nye thirsties akan lunyai dulu bila dh lama guna.