Thursday, March 15, 2012

In Dire Need of a New Handbag

Normally people would be ashamed to post an entry like this but who cares. It's my blog so I'll post whatever I want. Haha. Keji punye statement. This is actually a tribute to my current handbag, as I'll be getting rid of it soon to make way for a new handbag. Saleh has agreed to buy me a new one. Yay!

I'm the kind of person that has one handbag at a time. I will wear that until it is completely worn out before purchasing a new one.

The material is peeling at the edges (worse at some parts), and the zipper handle is broken. Terrible!

The outer part of the handbag is still nice though! Good quality from Carlo Rino. Have been using this for quite some time. The front part is not really wipeable but thankfully the color of the handbag is like dirt. So you can't really see if it's dirty. Hehe.

I really hope I'll find the right handbag soon. It's not that I plan to delay the purchase but sometimes it's hard to find the handbag that meets all the criteria (listed based on importance).

1. it must be huge enough to put a laptop -  not to fit the 17", the 12"/13" would suffice. And I don't really put a laptop in my handbag but I prefer something that big.
2. it must have only single strap, for shoulder carry - double strap is a hassle. One of it will tend to fall off your shoulder, so what's the point of having double strap.
3. the single strap must be wide and made from comfortable material - if it's narrow, it will put pressure on only a small area and then your shoulder will hurt. The material must be comfortable for the shoulder as well.
4. the handbag must be waterproof (most part at least) - I don't really like using umbrella most of the time. If I run/walk in the rain, at least the content of my handbag won't get wet.
5. outer fabric of the handbag should be wipeable - I put my handbag everywhere so if it gets wet or dirty, I can simply wipe it.

That's it. Hehehe

Well, if I don't find anything close to all the criterias above, I will delay the purchase for a while until I find the right handbag. *Praying hard the right handbag is in Alamanda!*

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  1. tu sama kaler dgn sofa ko dah tu, hehehe.. mmg susah nak cari bag yg semua specification yg kita nak. so aku harap ko jumpa lah handbag yg ko nak tuh. nanti tunjuk yg baru punya ye.